1. Finish your resume and submit it to the Google Classroom in the appropriate spot. I will begin scoring them soon.

2. Help out the seniors with their projects:
    Alyssa's group's Mental Health Survey (if you haven't already taken it)
    Kaelib's group's Institutionalized Racism Survey

2. Make sure you have all revisions completed on your Enrique's Journey/Immigration Essay. If you do not have a first draft in, I will begin calling home and alerting families to encourage you to get it in, early next week. This is a required assignment in order to pass Junior English. Some of you have been very patient about receiving feedback--thank you for your flexibility and understanding. Between your testing and mine, it's been hectic. We got this though.

3. Fill out the Letter of Recommendation Questionnaire assignment on Google Classroom--this is super useful towards the end of this year and the beginning of next. You may find that using your resume will be helpful as well.

4. Answer the class question about what you would carry if you had to suddenly leave your home. It's in the Google Classroom. 

5. Have a wonderful day!