Enrique's Journey: Found Poem

Today, you will be writing a "found poem," using lines taken straight from the text. There is some really beautiful writing in Enrique's Journey, chock-full of sensory details and intense language. The task today is to compose a poem pulling lines from all over the text. You may write your own lines to be incorporated with/into the found lines as well.
Things to be sure to do:
*Use rich, visual imagery.
*Convey a tone(s)/emotion(s) in the piece.
*Underline/bold the lines that are taken from the text (can even be your whole poem/majority of the poem).
*Think about the JUXTAPOSITION of the lines (strategic placement of lines next to one another).
*Use the stanzas, line breaks, ENJAMBMENT to help the pacing/reading of your poem.
*Make sure your poem is no less than 15 lines in length.

Just for fun: here's a published found poem by David Shields that's written entirely from bumper stickers he's seen in his life.

Here's another interactive found poem, Brooke Austin's "Talking Orange" which "remixes and randomizes Donald Trump quotations from the three presidential debates. The poem prints tercets, poetic output mimicking the disjointed quality of Trump's thinking and speech.  Some of the poem's output is funny; some is haunting. All of it becomes a kind of printed unconscious of Trump's wayward impulses and promises. "