Fences QWs

QW #3: (Extra Credit) 
Compare the movie to the book. What is illuminated in the film? What is different? Did it meet your expectations? 

QW #4: 
We learn a lot about Troy in recent scenes--his childhood, his young adult life. We also see him interact with Cory and Rose more. How do you feel about Troy? How should  we feel about Troy?
Also, add more detail by addressing some/all these questions: Consider Troy and his big life dreams and accomplishments. What has Troy accomplished? And at what cost? What dreams were never fulfilled? What prevented Troy from accomplishing more? How does Troy’s outlook on life affect his relationship with Cory? With Rose? Lyons?

QW #5: 
Answer in 8-10 sentences in Fences notebooks. Answer all.
Does Troy go through a transformation? Do any of the characters? What’s up with Gabriel?
Does Troy have “control” over his situation?
Why do you think the play is called Fences? Why baseball? If this is a game, are there “winners?” Are there “losers?” Does it matter?