Historical Fiction Resources

Japanese American Internment:
Native American Removal:
  • The Oregon History Project: Has a lot of information about historical events and treaties related to Native American removal in Oregon. They also have an encyclopedia of resources you can search through HERE. 
  • Indian Education Department (PPS) Resource page. Has links to Oregon tribal websites and local information if you want to focus on a specific tribe. 
  • University of Oregon Tribal Legacies Site. This website has a number of resources about Oregon tribes, teaching resources, videos, essays, and literature. Very helpful!
  • Indian Ed (down on A-Floor!) Main #: (503) 916-6499 
    • Student Support Specialist: Sunshine Guzman (Shoshone-Bannock) sguzman@pps.net
    • Program Director: Angie Morrill (Klamath Tribes) amorrill@pps.net
    • Senior Administrative Assistant: Kate Damon kdamon@pps.net

Albina Gentrification: