"I Would Like You to Know" By Lashae Lewis

I Would Like You to Know 
By Lashae Lewis 

We are not all loud or obnoxious 
But quiet and collected. 
We do not all join gangs, steal cars or carry guns. 
We do not all wear jeans down past down our knees or T-shirts three sizes too big 
Or sell dope on street corners. 
We are not all from the ghetto or “Compton” like you might think. 
We don’t all have afro-curly hair or brown eyes. 
In fact, some of us have green. 
We do not all Drop out of school and become pregnant at age 15. 
We are not all ignorant 
Nor worried about receiving reparations 
But in fact, offended by your preconceived notions. 
We do indeed know The words “Please” and “Thank you” 
And some of us use them on the daily. 
We are smart. We are loving. We are human. 
We do not all smack our lips when we’re irritated 
Or visit Popeye’s every second of our lives. 
These are the facts. 
We would like you to know 
That we’re just like you 
Still fighting for a voice to be heard and a place to feel accepted. 
We are just like you 
People with feelings 
And people nonetheless.