Portrait Poem

Professional Example: Ana Castillo's "We Would Like You to Know"
Model #1: Lashae's Poem
Model #3:
Kamaka's Poem

Model #4: Sydnei's Poem
Current Student Examples: Kelsey

Using the portraits you've received from your classmates, think about yourself--the you that people know/see/perceive and the you that people may not know on the inside/the private you. What concepts--both direct and indirect--come to mind as you see yourself through others' interpretation of you? Are there things that you feel like people may assume about you that you would like to refute? 

In your poem, you may choose to address ideas of:
What I am / What we are
What I am not / What we are not

OR whatever you'd like. The idea of the poem is to get to know you--all parts of you, but please feel free to go off course a bit if it feels right. There is no right or wrong way to do this assignment.

Type your draft and submit it to the Google Classroom.