Quick reminders before you turn in

Original Title: something as simple and alliterative as Aneesa's: Colin Kaepernick Controversy or Aaliyah's provocative title: Take a Stand.

Be sure to mention the article name and author. Be sure to also incorporate an embedded quote like Alyshia:
    After reading Michael Baumann's "Nike’s Big Gamble on Colin Kaepernick,” I noticed a really funny part in the article, and it’s very ironic. A musician named John Rich tweeted saying, ”I support every American’s right to protest whatever they want, however, if you endorse someone who wears #PIGSOCKS, that’s where you lose me.”

You may want to include a brief or fairly detailed summary of the article to help establish context like Max N. does in his intro:

    Michael Baumann’s article “Nike’s Big Gamble on Colin Kaepernick,” is an examination of Nike’s usage of controversial football player Colin Kaepernick in a large advertising campaign and America’s many reactions to that campaign. He notes the fact that Kaepernick’s controversy arose in mid 2016 when he, at the time a player for the National Football League, began to kneel for the pregame national anthem in a protest against the systemic police brutality affecting people of color in the United States. This protest quickly garnered both praise and criticism, dividing Americans along every potential angle.

Your response should be somewhat interesting and seeks to give your opinion/ideas related to the article. For instance, Bunny brings in other companies like Dove and Pepsi to compare to Nike. Cole talks about how Kaepernick's NFL career shouldn't have been cut short and that burning your Nike stuff doesn't really hurt the company at all. Max M. grabs information from other articles to help his commentary about the national response to the Nike ad. He also brings up the class-action lawsuit that women at Nike have filed. Ashton brings in Measure 105 to discuss in relation to the article as well.

Think about how you will come to a close. Since this is not an essay, it doesn't need to wrap up all neat and tidy/final, but you'll want it to sound like you are at least finishing your thoughts. Olivia ends on her opening ideas--that Kaepernick should be praised for his efforts, not criticized. Kelsey closes with talking about human nature, irony, and Nike's staying power:
Naturally, we turn to aggression and destruction, because that’s how we get what we want. Burn your shoes! Burn your socks! Burn your shirts! Not only is that ridiculous and ignorant, but there’s no point. You paid for the brand, you paid for the name, so burning your items won’t change a single thing. Nike is making money off Kaepernick, and lots of it; they won’t stop anytime soon.

A correctly formatted Works Cited Page (with hanging indent!), similar to Ashton's:
Works Cited

Baumann, Michael. “Nike's Big Gamble on Colin Kaepernick.” The Ringer, The Ringer, 5 Sept.