Random Autobiography Poem Student Example

Random Autobiography

I’m addicted to sugar.

I love dancing.

I have two sweet dogs.

My best friend goes to another school.

I’m actually glad my parents got divorced.

I wish I spoke another language.

When I was little I would hold on to my ponytail,

so it wouldn’t blow away.

I lose everything.

I have a scary cat.

Lilac reminds me of being little.

My grandma died when my mom was eight.

I love bunnies.

I want to move to France.

I cry too much.

I used to ride horses

Clowns, mascots, and Mall Santas all freak me out.

Once a dog bit me.

I love the water.

I can be really clingy.

I slur when I’m tired.

I wish I was adventurous,

but I don’t break rules.

I try to work hard.

I’m allergic to blackberries,

but sometimes eat them anyway.

I always smell candles in stores.

I don’t want to get married or have kids.

My preschool smelled like lavender and beeswax.

I will never cut my hair.

I miss my grandpa’s beach house.