Significant Person Paragraph Criteria Sheet

For this assignment, we are beginning to respond to the prompt: “Indicate a person who has had a significant influence on you, and describe that influence.” Choose a significant person in your life and write a paragraph long description of them. Use the models we read in class, as well as our pre-writing exercises and class discussion to help you write this description.


  • MLA Heading (Your First & Last Name, Teacher’s Name, Class Name, Date [ex: 2 January 2018] ).

  • Title

  • Last name & page number in top right corner of page.

Paragraph Requirements

  • Minimum 5 sentences

  • Must be about a significant person in your life - someone you can write a whole essay on.

  • Use sensory language to paint a picture of your significant person.

Telling details, precise words and phrases, strong verbs + excellent word choice: Remember that you have a small amount of room to make a big impact on your reader. Include descriptive words and phrases, like the ones in the models we analyzed. Using strong verbs and great words will make the greatest impact on your reader.