On page 16 and 17 pf the TEWWG Note-Keepers, you should have these quickwrites:

QW #6
What is the point of marriage? What is it?
How do any of these come into play in terms of marriage: happiness, law(s), money, property, age, loyalty, spirituality, religion, romance, love? Like, what’s love got to do with it?
We will listen to chapter 2 today. Jot down some notes for “Nanny” in the (In)Significant Character Section, as well as for Logan Killicks and Janie.

QW #7
In chapters 5 + 6, there are many symbols of power, which we can (and will) look at/read through a Marxist lens. List all the ways in which power can be seen: through objects, titles, people, interactions, etc.
Consider a feminist and Marxist reading of these chapters: how do Janie and Joe wield power?
Fill out more of Joe and Janie’s Silhouettes. 

QW #8

  • Review chapter 13 and quickly answer these questions:

Why does Tea Cake run off with the money? How does he decide to spend it? Why doesn’t he invite Janie out? How does he plan on paying her back? How does that go?

  • Then, think about the questions below and answer any/all of them in at least 3-5 sentences.

Do you like Tea Cake? Do you think he’s full of it? Is he worthy of Janie? When Janie narrates, “He drifted off into sleep and Janie looked down on him and felt a self-crushing love. So her soul crawled out from its hiding place” (Hurston 122) in the last lines of Chapter 13, what do you think she means?