Writers' Journals

For Writer's Journal #7-10, you will need the following to turn in, on Friday, 3/24 (for full credit--each one is worth 25 points):

Writer's Journal #7:

Writer's Journal #8:

Begin Brainstorming and thinking about your paper. What topics are you interested in exploring? How will you go about exploring the causes and/or effects? We will continue with Writer’s Journal #8 on Friday as well.

(if you didn't do your own, you can use the 3rd page of this document)

Writer's Journal #9:

Apostrophe Party + 3 sources (if done digitally, please print out and turn in), 

Writer's Journal #10:

You will be responsible for keeping all of your Writer's Journals in your folder, reading to turn in when they are due, during the midterm (2/8) and final (3/24).

Your Mini-Research from December 2016 will account for your Writer's Journal #1 and #2 (50 points). This score will be factored into Semester 1, but NOT SEMESTER 2 or Writing 115.

Writer's Journal #3:
In groups of 2-3:
  • Pick a specific place that both/all of you know well (Trimet, Peninsula Park, Lloyd Center, Pioneer Square).
  • You may also pick a specific event happening at that place, at a specific time.
  • Pick ONE person that you could find at that place.
  • On a piece of paper, each person should brainstorm a description list for your place: Taste, Touch, Smell, Sight, Sound.
  • Then, write a descriptive paragraph that touches upon all the senses. You may choose to have your person in there or not (must be in 3rd person).
Sensory Writing Student Model (Elliot):

They got out of the car into the deserted parking lot and entered the building. Pews upon wooden pews led the way to the Bima at the center of the room. Rabbi Ariel, a small lady with pitch black hair down to her shoulders, greeted the family and helped them set up the lunch in the basement. Every once in awhile the great glass doors would swing open as a new person arrived and would greet the Jew boy and his family. “Oh this short haircut looks fantastic!” they would lie. And on his Bar Mitzvah no less. Tsk. Tsk. As the pews began to fill with family, friends, and strangers the boy became increasingly more nervous and stressed.

Writer's Journal #4:
Marked-up Grealy piece (excerpt from Autobiography of a Face), noting each time when your selected sense comes up. Also, your potential outline for the description essay.

Writer's Journal #5:
Comma Drama sheet.

Writer's Journal #6:
Marked up articles for the midterm. You can find it HERE.