Writer's Journals

Due by the last day of the PCC Winter Term, March 23--no later than 3:15pm:
Writer's Journal #9: Pre-Research Questions
Writer's Journal #10: Distilling 3 Articles/Sources (at least 2 should come from the PCC database)
Writer's Journal #11: An outline for your Argumentative Essay. You can use this one (page 1 has the actual outline you can use and pages 2-3 have a model and some instruction for you) or Ms. Morlock's more graphic, graphic organizer.
Writer's Journal #12: Margin notes and summary on articles for Final Exam.

Was due (around the midterm) already:
Writer's Journal #1:
Pre-Assessment done in class; this is the only one you turn in without all the others.
Writer's Journal #2: Quickwrite on definitions from class and two articles (Obama and Gaga) with margin notes and questions completed.
Writer's Journal #4: Part 1: Brainstorm and outline your own description essay. Consider these questions as you brainstorm/outline. What place will you choose? Why? How will you account for getting at all of the senses? How will you “move” through the essay? How will you keep it organized? What tense will you write in? Will there be people in the place? What will you try to convey to readers?
Look back to the professional and student models--will you write more objectively about your place like Gutmann or Didion? Or, will you take more of a personal approach and put yourself into the story more, like Goldsby, Baldwin, and Grealy? 
Writer's Journal #6: Black Mirror's "Nosedive" + "Just Walk On By" Cause/Effect Handout
Writer's Journal #7: Outline and/or notes for potential Cause/Effect Essay #3. There is a potential template outline if you need one, on page 4 of this handout.